We Welcome You as our Guest!

Whether you are new to Orthodox Christianity or are visiting from another Orthodox parish, we warmly welcome you to join us. A few notes for first-time visitors:

  •      We won’t make a public spectacle of you or ask you to do anything uncomfortable.
  •      We lay no expectation on visitors of financial contribution to our parish’s ministries.
  •      We love kids! Our children worship together with us. If needed, please do not feel embarrassed to make a visit to the narthex until your child is ready to rejoin everyone else in worship.
  •      All of our services are held in English.

We are interested in greeting you following any of our services and assisting in whatever way we can.

The Sunday morning service in the Orthodox Church is called the Divine Liturgy. Prior to the Divine Liturgy is a beautiful chanted prayer service called Matins.

On Saturdays, we have a service of chanted prayer called Great Vespers.